My interpretaion of the ancient wisdom – from the Bhagwad Gita

Karmanye Vadhika Rastey – 4-7, Bhagwad Gita

Verse and the word meanings

yada yada hi (as and when) dharmasya (the code of greater good), glanir (challenged) bhavati bharata (of Bharat’s lineage), abhyutthanam (rise) adharmasya (lawlessness) tadatmanam (realize at such time) srijamyaham (resurrect yourself) Paritranam (reinforce) sadhunam (the good), Vinashayah (terminate) dushkrita (evil deeds) Dharma sansthapanarthaya (establish the code of greater good) Sabhavami (possible) yuge yuge (for ages)

My interpretation

Whenever one is challenged to pursue the code of greater good leading to rise of ambiguity; one needs to rediscover ones conviction and the strength of belief in goodness and not follow any evil acts thus giving the strength to persist with one’s duty to make the greater good last eternally

Karmanye vadhika rastey – 2-47, Bhagwad Gita gita_karmanye Verse and the word meanings Karmanyev (only action) adhikaraste (in your control), Ma (not) phaleshu (of outcome) kadachana (ever) Ma Karma Phala (outcome) Hetur (to cause) Bhurmatey (you do not) Sangostva (link) Akarmani (inactive) My interpretation One only needs to take charge of one’s action and not try to let the outcome take charge, without letting outcome drive your actions or losing the focus on things to be done.