The 5i Maturity Model for Educational Institutes


Advances in technology and tools are the center of modern civilization and education has seen its unprecedented impact in multiple ways. The faster pace of business has made it unpredictable thus rendering the old education systems less effective. While such turbulence increases the inherent risk faced, it is also the key driver of education innovation and growth. Opportunities are ripe for creating quality, affordable and relevant education services to cater to the growing needs of the knowledge economy. It is equally vital for education and learning systems, thinking and approach to reinvent itself. The changing lifestyle and comforts globally lays new demands on the education. Higher education in particular has been on the positive end of this impact. All the key areas of education including learning conceptual development, delivery, assessment and improvements are the beneficiaries. The key aspects being interactive repository of content and learning tools that is enriched by the interactions between users the content and tools, providing teachers with tools they can use to make learning effective by using richer pedagogy and for students to learn in an expansive, collaborative and outcomes based approach.

While, the thinking and initial implementation has been promising, a fresh look at the way the education preparation, dissemination and revaluation is needed to take on the challenges of scale and scope. This paper proposes that the stage is now set to look at the education maturity in the process of higher education design, delivery and enhancements to take on these challenges.

Presentation at the “International MTEP Conference September 2009”