The Evolved Learner

Learning – A basic need for the Newage Human?

Maslow gave us “the hierarchy of needs” in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation” in Psychological Review. Have we made any progress since then to look at making any modification to them? If we actually grew along the lines of theory, shouldn’t we have reached somewhere as an evolving species?

Being seen as an eternal scholar and living the role, I feel that learning as an act could itself be better understood. We all sit at the pinnacle of all data, information, intelligence, wisdom and insights of the world. We own the “personal journey of excellence” mandate upholding a common learning culture to make learning interventions effective thus challenging any notion of “we already know that” . We condition ourselves to challenge our performance as a learner and manage a set of catalysts who bring continuous self-rediscovery to the core of our day to day life…

Here I aim to collate articles, ideas, thoughts, tools and techniques that would contribute to our pursuit of evolution, catalyzed by active learning

Happy Learning!!!

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