Digital Learning 3.0

If version 0 was using digital technology for publishing and storing; version 1.0 was about actively digitizing available learning content; 2.0 was about serving the content in a more interactive, comfortable and collaborative manner; what could be the next phase of the Digital learning evolution process?

We have already seen some far reaching innovations in the technology side in creating, storing and serving digital learning. We are witnessing huge excitement around open learning resources and platforms to easer their access. Do we see noticeable change in the acceptance and excitement around digital learning an so on?

I think we will now see changes around three dimensions – the meta learning or learning about learning digitally, the ecosystem of learning – content, device, facilitators and the ontology (conceptual map of digital learning) and a fundamental mind set change that makes the regulators, thought leaders and formal degree granting institution to adopt, promote and populate the digital learning ecosystem.

As formal learning gets closer to the natural involuntary learning, some of the assumed aspects of learning needs to brought to fore. Do we all have the answers to the questions like – “what is learning?”, “why do we learn?”, “how do we learn/what is my preferred learning style?”, “where do I learn?” and “who do I learn from”. each of these question weigh heavily on the way we would experience the unfolding of digital learning 3.0 and beyond…

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